2 February 2009

Kandersteg part 1

Sunday - Arbonium
Ramon and I traveled from Saas Fee then I was surprised how hard it is to climb ice (for about the twentieth time this trip!!!)

Monday - Saule
Unfinished business from Ramon's previous visit (done in 2 pitches, P1 Ramon)

Tuesday - Reise Integral
I took a couple of attempts on the first pitch which looked difficult but turned out to have two really good hands-off rests and good pro. Then a sustained and airy second pitch lead by Ramon.

Wednesday - Oeschiland (M8) os
A tricky traverse to get on to the hanging ice but that's not surprising as it looks like the mixed route goes straight up the crack!

Top right Saule, Top left Reise Integral, Thinnest line on the LHS bottom tier is Oeschiland

Thursday - Skiing rest day

Friday - (Rubezahl NOT) Mehr Power durch sportliche Aufkleber
I was going to take a couple of attempts on the daunting first pitch but Ramon accepted the challenge after my retreat then gave me the second pitch from a half height ledge.

Saturday - (Rubezahl NOT again) Kiental
Go here! lots of awesome ice (shortish - some routes with bolt lower offs for warming up then some longer steep lines) and some mixed and some futuristic mixed!!

Ramon @ Kiental today

Sunday - Rubezahl (3rd time lucky!)
Awake at 5.30 to ensure we were first on the route. Due to a bit of water and new ice filling in the previous ascentionists holds the leader gets totally absorbed climbing pitch two by the aesthetic line (freezing water doesn't put out burning forearms)
All of the good belays are on the RHS of this route (watch out for the HUGE cauliflowers).

All photos taken by whoever isn't in the shot

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