12 February 2009


As I slowly came round to the idea of taking part in my first climbing competition at Val di Daone I had no expectations about what positon I would finish so wouldn't have felt pissed off if I didn't qualify. Now ....... after climbing myself to the highest place not to qualify at Busteni (Romania) that is exactly how i feel!!

part of the good structure at a warm Busteni ice climbing competition

Val di Daone was a lucky result for me.
Saas Fee would have been better if I didn't have a cold (I like to think).
On reflection this comp was more speed climbing orientated than the other two events holds were positive and the moves not too technical. After my climb I watched a video of myself then saw the other competitors climb and it was obvious that I had climbed too slowly. So I planned to climb faster in the semi finals, only I didn't have the luxury of getting in to the semis. Next year? (if my shoulder wants to compete)

Markus Bendler on the way to a clean sweep - winning all three rounds of the UIAA ice climbing world cup.

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