29 April 2005

FONT 03 + 04

Le Statique Posted by Hello

The driver decides he's bored of motorway driving

Its time for a power nap after sending a couple of texts Posted by Hello

28 April 2005

Brunel's Mr Sloper at work Posted by Hello

Even with the BIG mat this is a tall problem! Posted by Hello

Recipe of the week

Take one cow, lightly grind, serve.

27 April 2005


Climbing in Ireland Posted by Hello

14 April 2005

Photos from Kalymnos

Andy F warming upPosted by Hello

Tolendos, the route - limestone jamming! ran up the steep buttress center of peakPosted by Hello

on the way home. The route went along the skyline, through the small cave Posted by Hello

Posted by Hello

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Posted by Hello

What kalymnos is really about

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13 April 2005


nice pic this one Posted by Hello

did he do it ? (nope) Posted by Hello

finger shreading problem Posted by Hello

edge up tech slab Posted by Hello

12 April 2005

better that coffe, good problem, climber on the look out for spiders Posted by Hello

I'm off home now to sand my fingers

yep time for a yard more tape, and a splash of supper glue Posted by Hello

v8 or v5 depending on who's bool you read, v8 in my book

OK, I'll be deluded till friday and think v8!!! RGPosted by Hello

log off Posted by Hello


Cant actually believe I was really out there!!! photos look awsome.

Come on friday - fontfontfont

great problem this **** Posted by Hello

mono puller, persistance was the key here in gaining the on sight! Posted by Hello

fine arete, is inspected in detail by this climber, and turns up no foot holds

and the handholds were worse!
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