28 April 2008

20 April 2008

A Great Escape

There I was trying to put a team together to make a visit to White Goods and I contacted Martin Poznanski, who has been known to crank out some chalk routes, only to find that he and his girlfriend are taking a 6 month trip biking round Asia.

NEW.......Follow their adventures HERE
And be sure to follow the Picasa link on their blog to see their photos

Wrong choice if you ask me; drytooling in Wales or this .....

"We're planning to leave on May 1 and return some time in October. Starting point will be Poland and from there we're planning to go to: Slovakia - Hungaria - Romania - Ukraine - Russia - Kazachstan - Uzbekistan - Tadjikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazachstan - Russia - Mongolia - Russia - Estonia - Latvia - Lithunia - Poland - Germany. Looks like a nice little round trip on the world map - about 25.000km :)

From what I have heard so far the roads in Kazachstan, the other Stans and Mongolia are rather dirt tracks than roads. So it'll be an interesting experiment with Martin not having ridden a motorbike for the last ten years and me having no offroad experience."

I have seen a tiny bit of Azerbaijan (Baku) and wouldn't drive there in anything smaller than a tank!! So I think all of that axe climbing will be good training for hanging on to those handlebars. Have fun.

search my blog for Martin or Baku if you want.

18 April 2008

distant memories

A huge thanks to Jo Dotremont for these photos, check his BLOG to see his adventures.

Later on in the Musashi effort I was working moves along a crack that could have done with a bit of ice in it.

This was about were i got to on my best effort. If only the ice was long enough to get a foot hold......


2 April 2008

Kristoffer Szilas does it again

Here are a few photos of Kristoffer Szilas's latest expedition.

Check out his site HERE.