27 October 2008

Axes in the uk

The Pleasure Dome:
Currently a blank canvas (apart from a couple of new pegs) .......

Matt on White Goods (aka Doorstep Challange)

Ramon on Jaz

Taking care not to blow the top section of Jaz

Dave getting back in to the swing of things

uncharted territory

6 October 2008

The Balloon Bed

Back at the best drytooling venue this side of Edinburgh (or possibly the Channel?)

Ramon reaching one of the all natural holds; a deep pocket that requires a fig4 move to reach the next hold (unless you know otherwise??)

Ollie in training for the OMM!!

Me in training to become a clown. That thing that I'm holding (not the Radon filled balloon) is a rather good lightweight bed!!! When it was first described to me; 2 layers of silk with pockets for modelling ballons, I was thinking it sounded a bit mad, and it is. But if you want a superlighweight bed for use away from sharp things!........

The start of a great sequence of moves. thanks for the photo Andy.