29 May 2007

The Bowderstone in to Shepherds!

Power Pinch (using hold X)

Picnic Sarcastic. Just as steep as the problem in the previous photo!

Stu "the toe" looking for seagulls

Rob going for it on MGC

22 May 2007

Baku Azerbaijan

This trip ended up lasting only 2 days rather than the planned 10! The reason for the shortened visit? ...... dry sand does not look like this.

Oil is King

Driving in Baku = Madness. In the city there are a few white lines and even a couple of traffic lights, though nobody pays much much attention to them(despite loads of armed cops in new bm's). It appears that there are NO rules apart from do not stop for anyone. The locals are highly skilled drivers as they can judge the size of their vehicle to the nearest mm and predict the 'random' movement of at least 10 other objects (cars, busses, lorries and some brave pedestrians but no bikes) moving about the streets.

you're not from round here?

my first visit to Asia and it was a bit different from home, I felt like a proper westerner when our driver left us outside a market!! Baku was an interesting place to see (shame i was there only 2 days)

11 May 2007


Here I'm about ½ way up Fast and Furious (and ¼ of the way up Too Fast...)

i'm making hard work of this !

10 May 2007


Another work/climbing trip. Sea cliffs, Drytooling, Bouldering and lots of driving! Here Malcolm Kent is demonstrating the moves on Fast and Furious D11 (I have to get back up there to finish the route)


A small venue with a handfull of quality problems and a couple of short sports routes

good problem this one,
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It looks Hard this one, poor fingers
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