26 April 2007

Font. danny dave toby & rob

Danny looking at the last hold, its a long way
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trick one this
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heel hooks all the way
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this is one to go back to, good problem that needs cooler temps
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Dave on Vin rouge
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toby on a font slab at isatis
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25 April 2007

Slap at the tick marks
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Dave on the top out of this great highball at Rocher Cannon
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24 April 2007

Danny and Dave at work

Toby on a testing highball

Danny ticking Gargantoit Assis, Gorges Du Houx.

Last light

18 April 2007

Lake District

Working hard. St. Bees Head

Pavey Ark

Witolds first trad route

Over Hardknott Pass

2l rear wheel drive diesel but it weighs 3 tonnes. gripping

Carrock Fell

Brilliant problem*** Rouse's / Boardman's wall

12 April 2007

Whilst I was dry tooling..........

.........my mum got knocked off her bike!!!!!

11 April 2007

............and I became an uncle

10 April 2007

Full on Easter


Porth Ysgo

Porth Ysgo Wheel
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Popcorn Party

Rob on Pop corn party Porth Ysgo
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White Goods (this is not the usual sequence!!!)

Getting in to the first fig4 on the new route. Left Goods D9+

Rob clipping a bolt at the lip during the first assent of Left Goods, photo taken by the belayer
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5 April 2007

St Kilda

commuting to work.

Visiting St Kilda for 2 hours!! The highest cliff in the UK (Conachair, 1400ft) is on the other side of the island and i didn't even get to see it.............aaaargh