18 May 2005

obligatory war paint sported by climber Posted by Hello

race conditions good. Posted by Hello

the gang on a problem Posted by Hello

oh dear, you know your in troble when you try to use your nose on a sloper Posted by Hello

press it out Posted by Hello

rock over Posted by Hello

a font top all the way Posted by Hello

reach Posted by Hello

moveing very fast, that's the way Posted by Hello

pulled and go for it nice and slow Posted by Hello

all 4 limbs on, now novel Posted by Hello

we all know what the spotters are thinking don't we, (if he comes off I am geting out of the way) "come on Ian !!!" Posted by Hello

the photographer dose a bit of climbing and makes it look hard Posted by Hello

ninja Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

a heel hook !, what are the big muscles for ? Posted by Hello

a bit of rain and every one hides Posted by Hello

he's cheating resting all that hair on the mat, Posted by Hello

the hard move at the end, nice shot this Posted by Hello

 Posted by Hello

hard problem, requires effort Posted by Hello

play it cool rodney Posted by Hello

slop rail foot work needed hear Posted by Hello

10 May 2005

Stanton Moor April 05

dyno Posted by Hello

that heel hook is'nt going to well is it Posted by Hello