28 April 2006

one of the more interesting jobs

24 April 2006

UTAH mar/april 2006

Dannys best problem; climbed in honest finger slicing style. Photograph by a cheat!!

Ibex returns

Trying to get a better view to see where the tents have landed

Oh no not again

Next time?

Arches NP

Sandwiches at any cost

An Arch

Big Bend Moab. Circus Tricks. Goood Jowb

not too far away from Chaos

your not going any further

hold it hold it.......stick it

Bruce Lee........

more bruce action

a lucky good photo

Just slightly late with the photo!


there must be an easier way

strike a pose

Not as close as it looks, of course

Joes, Left Fork. Jam it, Jam it......

Ave it.

Brand New Joes. New routing in the Right Fork. My face is obviously thinking the top needs cleaning

next twist or something

Little Cottonwood Canyon Granite

Step one: walk in to a gun shop. Step two: hand over $. Step three is being demonstrated above!

finger training