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My diary for me, family and friends

Hello, if I don't know you I hope my blog entertains and informs you, although my reasons for keeping a blog are to remind me of people/events in my life and so that my family and friends know what I'm up to. So you wont find any uninformed armchair gear reviews or 'reports' with more spin than a drill. My writing is mainly for myself and my failures are as important to me as my successes. I rely on photos taken by others for my blog and do my best to make sure they are credited. Credit Where Credit Is Due.

Alpkit help me out with some useful kit so I guess that makes me a sponsored climber and retiring soon.

My climbing started in Wales; we used to go there walking then scrambling then the rain drove us to the climbing wall. That was in 1999, since then I have collected an unremarkable tick list! This is because:

a) I'm not that dedicated to training
b) sometimes I get the wrong end of the stick!!

for example: I have been on bouldering trips to Yosemite / Sardinia / Moab! dry tooling in Chamonix! and have spent weeks trying routes in caves while surrounded by beautiful ice lines in the Rockies!.....I should pay more attention to the 'classic' routes.

and I have never climbed Font8a - yet?

here are graphs to prove it....(UKC)

Rob Gibson

Cool Shots (thanks to all contributors)

Click here for the good times

2009 Highlights

Ice Climbing World Cup
10th Daone
25th Saas Fee
20th Busteni
19th Overall

Ice & Mixed
with Andy:
Promocion Social M10 (1st rp)
Twin Towers M10 (rp)
with Ramon:
Saule Wi6 (p2)
Reise Integral Wi6 (p1)
Oeschiland M8 (os)
Mehr Power durch sportliche Aufkleber Wi6 (p2!)
Rubezahl Wi5+ (alt lead)
Cabron M8 (rh dry start) (flash)
In der wurze liegt die kurze Wi6 (alt lead)
Edel and Stark M7+Wi6 (p2 (ice))
Back to the Roots M7 (os)
with Markus:
Kraftort M10/11 (1st rp) (3rd ascent)
Elementarteilchen M8Wi6 (alt lead) (M8 os)

with Paul:
El Poussif 7a
Memel 7a
l'Abattoir 7a
Iceberg 7c

with Pete/Simon:
Comes the Dervish E3 5c
Scarlet Runner E4 5c
Necromancy E4 5c
Ocean Boulevard E3 5b

Danny was there!
Neptune 7b (1st rp)
Rattlesnake Saloon 7b (1st rp)
Geyikbayiri Games 7b+ (2nd rp)
No Money No Dance 7c (flash)

Dry tooling
with Ramon, Dave, Pete, Simon and the crazy French:
The Finnish Start M10 (fa)
Mental block M10 (fa)
God Jull M10 (rp)

with Malc, Scott and Shelle:
Scottish Tooling Series - Ice Factor 2nd
Dry Tool Style - l'Usine 4th

and finally.....
where my winter climbing began (thanks to Dave Pegler)