6 December 2005

Fattening up for Xmas

Good to see danny might be coming on line from hampi, lots of photos please mr conlon...... Here are a few photos from font Nov 05; a good trip i think (A team ascent of Gargantoit assis is due next time) we had favourable friction and there was wholehearted UK support for the french penchant of wearing socks inside the sticky rubber. ie it was colder than george best. Lots of good, and few bad, 7's were bagged and some better than good sarnies were crafted (the olive bread is worth the ticket alone, especially if you set fire to the train to earn a freebie). Looking back on this year, i have been to font 4 times (but still a punter)

3 November 2005

how did that happen?

What a GREAT photo....!!!!!!! please burn them to disk for me. The question is who owns the photo, the photographer or the camera owner??? I can see that one on the cover of climber next month....

2 November 2005

Sun bathing at the seaside

Doesn't look much like chalk your reclining on there Danny - more like coal

The dark art of chalk climbing

juggling sharp things

29 October 2005

25 October 2005

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Tooled up

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heel hooking the 1st axe Posted by Picasa

nice view Posted by Picasa

dont get  Posted by Picasa

3 October 2005

The Swiss bouldering trip

Ok, so you'd think with a week in the bouldering heaven of Magic Wood, Cresciano and Chironico that the team would have come back with a comprehensive list of problems ticked off in their newly acquired guidebooks. The truth was a little different. Most of the week comprised of who could SEND the 7a+ sandwich problem. The problem being who could open their mouth wide enough to fit the damm thing in. (The muscle cramp in my jaw being testimony to this!)

However some climbing was done and here's a collection of the photos.

Nearing the last moves of 7a+ Posted by Picasa

Topping out on 7b at Magic Wood Posted by Picasa

This seemed easier the other night after a few beers,complete darkness and a little bit of rain Posted by Picasa

Oh Dear! Posted by Picasa

Dino's dont Dyno (and its hard to take a photo when your subject is moving and its very dark)....7b+ Posted by Picasa

7a at Magic Wood Posted by Picasa

No Rob, it doesn't matter how hard you look there is still no hold there Posted by Picasa

Hold the crimp! The Globe 7b Posted by Picasa