21 March 2005


now your in troble, its getting a bit hard Posted by Hello

portland. spot danny, he's the one in the grey t shirt. only 4 holes in this one though!! Posted by Hello

shallow water solo when tie was out

Is that a kipper tiePosted by Hello


show that block who's boss daddy long legs (next time karma) Posted by Hello

"I'm telling you, they've changed all the circuits"Posted by Hello

there is NO way it looks like my head is up an elephants arse

Posted by Hello

good catch Posted by Hello

thug it proper uk style Posted by Hello

slap that sloper  Posted by Hello

that's the way, pray to the font rock god and you may do 8a some day, human sacrifice next time  Posted by Hello

that's how to do the tops in font! (well done that man) Posted by Hello

that looks a bit easy Posted by Hello

Dont try this at home...............TRY it in Bristol

is that krab done up.............. Posted by Hello

Thats the bridge in chee dale, don't know the jumper though Posted by Hello

log way up Posted by Hello

trango Posted by Hello