29 December 2007

A Small Snack!

Days of old. Danny with his monster sandwich.

26 December 2007


Click HERE for vids of the comp

24 December 2007

Digital Revolution reaches Poland

Martin has written some articles about chalk climbing on this interesting site, one slight hitch for me is they are in Polish (the photos are good though!) Digital Article

20 December 2007

check this

just found this on youtube from Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson on YouTube

8 December 2007

Digital Revolution

Currently the hardest route on the chalk .............. and now Digital (the line that starts where i tie in) has seen a quick repeat. On his second session on the route Flower (Martin) (from Poland) has got those arms working and grabbed the second ascent. Good effort me thinks, especially as during the first session (once through all of the moves) Martin wasn't doing any fig4's.

7 December 2007

Here we go......

A nice warm up to whet your appetite for the approaching winter season.

wide open spaces

A bit of a contrast from the previous video!! The two jumpers have plans........ Danny is going back to Hampi to get some good weather and Andre is off to Mallorca soon.

1 December 2007


Martin during his quality flash of 'Twist and Shout'