25 April 2013

Portland for fingers

Sport climbing on the south coast has been on the menu for a few years now but it's been a while since I spent any time on the longer routes there.  Loved it - and the slight randomness.  shame about my finger...............

Matt's camera lying through its teeth.........

22 April 2013

You know who you are!

Someone stealing from you? but you don't know how they're getting in?

I was shown some items from a carrier bag, not really my sort of thing - hats with bears on them and teddy bears, one of the bears was fairly heavy as it was stuffed with beans. Then I was shown a PAIR of slippers from and unknown location. I was sure it was some kind of joke, I looked at the person showing me the stolen items to see if there was an imminent punch line. There was not, it was a fact, along with all the other hats and toys their cat had dragged one sparkly slipper in through the cat flap then gone back for the other one.