29 December 2007

A Small Snack!

Days of old. Danny with his monster sandwich.

26 December 2007


Click HERE for vids of the comp

24 December 2007

Digital Revolution reaches Poland

Martin has written some articles about chalk climbing on this interesting site, one slight hitch for me is they are in Polish (the photos are good though!) Digital Article

20 December 2007

check this

just found this on youtube from Ryan Nelson

Ryan Nelson on YouTube

8 December 2007

Digital Revolution

Currently the hardest route on the chalk .............. and now Digital (the line that starts where i tie in) has seen a quick repeat. On his second session on the route Flower (Martin) (from Poland) has got those arms working and grabbed the second ascent. Good effort me thinks, especially as during the first session (once through all of the moves) Martin wasn't doing any fig4's.

7 December 2007

Here we go......

A nice warm up to whet your appetite for the approaching winter season.

wide open spaces

A bit of a contrast from the previous video!! The two jumpers have plans........ Danny is going back to Hampi to get some good weather and Andre is off to Mallorca soon.

1 December 2007


Martin during his quality flash of 'Twist and Shout'

11 November 2007

Strange goings-on at the beach

Photo taken looking east: The Guildford lads

Photo taken looking west: Unknown climber

sunday at the fort. Digital is finished and now all of the moves have been done, FA soon i hope

23 October 2007

Storming the Chalk Fort

so much easier than aiding!

The ladder is hanging from a fusion (you probably wont find this picture in the Black Diamond climbing manual)

Bez on his quality route 'Jellyfish'

Four photos of the excellent route 'Revolution'

Toby near the start

i might be able to do this move?

this is absolutely the wrong way to do this move! try right hand on right axe and left hand on left axe.

11 October 2007

Kristoffer on The Shield. Next stop Cerro Torre.

31 August 2007

Winter training starts

Adam during his first visit to the chalk.

13 August 2007

hiding from the sun

a different game

Andre on Freeborn Man

Climber on the slab above Freeborn

Danny on the Conger

Luke on the Conger

What could be better on a hot sunny day?........a damp loose cave.

7 August 2007

Duncan's Stag Do

Duncan surprising the cameraman

Ian finding friction

Rather than post another picture of Danny on a 7b you can enjoy these

Simon finding a [rare!] flash of form

Dave with the technique

the only photo of me holding anything

14 July 2007

Peter during his first day of dry tooling, making an out standing effort on a different game
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1 July 2007

Bouldering it ain't

Kristoffer Szilas and Dave Gladwin (blue jacket) during their ascent of the Eigerwand April 2007. Respect...

29 June 2007

St Kilda

at last !!!

23 June 2007

Luke with the bleausard beer rag out of the back of his pants
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Another quite day the the Bleau forest
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Nic pulling the classic font top out face, Surprise there aint any holds as per normal. HyperPlome, Apremont
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Will on the same problem
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Gen (same name) also crimping, balancing and smearing on science friction
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Gen Demonstrates the science of friction on science friction slab at Apremont
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Alice on this nice font aret
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will on the font stone
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