27 February 2006

Real Bouldering

snow, hats and a down jacket (tetris sds 4th cloud)

21 February 2006

Hampi bouldering 2005 / 2006

Hampi sun set Posted by Picasa

a view of rishimukh, high point of hampi Posted by Picasa

20 February 2006

David T on the crux of 90 degree arete Posted by Picasa

Guillaume on the double arete Posted by Picasa

climber: guillaume Posted by Picasa

Danny on acess denied Posted by Picasa

Gregor climbing, photo by Danny Posted by Picasa

Dave with a mantle to do Posted by Picasa

Gregor climbing Posted by Picasa

17 February 2006

Danny makes a tactical move backwards toward the floor, very clever nice one that man !!! Photo Sami Posted by Picasa

Danny on power problem, photo Sami Posted by Picasa

making a quick move Posted by Picasa

Danny, getting high on a block Posted by Picasa

Dave finding friction on cosmic friction Posted by Picasa

Sami using the force on Cosmic Friction Posted by Picasa

Dave making moves with full commitment high up on cosmic crimp, Photo Danny Posted by Picasa

photo by skippy Posted by Picasa

Danny climbing cosmic crimp, A Hampi classic Posted by Picasa

A stone in the jungle

An excellent stone some where in the jungle. Any body can climb a new problem, some where in hampi, off the beaten track there is a problem waiting just for you.

Gregor adding the much needed sitting start. Photo by lilja Jonsdottir, liljajons@yahoo.com Posted by Picasa

Look This, Danny at the top of a problem! Posted by Picasa

How did That happen

An exclent picture of Dave, falling jumping or dynoing you decide ?
Photo by Lilja Jonsdottir, Liljajons@yahoo.com

surfing the block. photo sami Posted by Picasa

photo by Lilja Jonsdottir, LiljaJons@yahoo.com Posted by Picasa

nearly near the end. Photo by sami Posted by Picasa

Hampi ends with a bang

My Hampi trip ended with a bang when I fell off a highball problem. I was very lucky not to break both my ankles when I landed on the granite slab below. Statutory warning falling is injurious to health. Hampi going Home coming