25 April 2013

Portland for fingers

Sport climbing on the south coast has been on the menu for a few years now but it's been a while since I spent any time on the longer routes there.  Loved it - and the slight randomness.  shame about my finger...............

Matt's camera lying through its teeth.........

22 April 2013

You know who you are!

Someone stealing from you? but you don't know how they're getting in?

I was shown some items from a carrier bag, not really my sort of thing - hats with bears on them and teddy bears, one of the bears was fairly heavy as it was stuffed with beans. Then I was shown a PAIR of slippers from and unknown location. I was sure it was some kind of joke, I looked at the person showing me the stolen items to see if there was an imminent punch line. There was not, it was a fact, along with all the other hats and toys their cat had dragged one sparkly slipper in through the cat flap then gone back for the other one.

19 November 2012

29 July 2012


Oh, now I understand.............

As I’m writing this it is proving awkward to hold the pen and I hope that the poisonous bite doesn’t kill me. A melodramatic sentence but in some ways I thought it would be quite a funny way to go and if you’re reading this I obviously survived at least long enough to type up my scribbles.

After injuring, I guess, the nerves in my left hand my climbing took another set back when Pete pointed out the adder.  A massive snake no less than about 300mm long and as thick as a man’s arm’s finger it was coiled by the side of the road at l’elephant.  I’d watched Steve Irwin on TV and knew exactly what to do so I grabbed a stick to pin the innocuous vipers head to the ground as I tried to corner the adder it tried to slither in to the bushes a few times and made no aggressive moves so I pinned it down as planned, once trapped I reached down and pinched it by the neck with my thumb and forefinger then lifted it off the ground.
Wow! I thought “look how flexible its, it can turn it’s head right round”.
Caroline helpfully pointed out “What ever possessed you?”
I only wanted a closer look but nature has a cure for that kind of thinking.

It was painful

To this day I can't see why that venomous viper undertook a completely unprovoked attack after I picked it up.

Welcome back home.  A massive crop of blackberries

28 July 2012

On Safari

If it isn’t vultures tracking me then it’s fat water voles bolting when I move rowing boats and more carp in the moat than you can shake a stick at, but best is to come………