20 April 2008

A Great Escape

There I was trying to put a team together to make a visit to White Goods and I contacted Martin Poznanski, who has been known to crank out some chalk routes, only to find that he and his girlfriend are taking a 6 month trip biking round Asia.

NEW.......Follow their adventures HERE
And be sure to follow the Picasa link on their blog to see their photos

Wrong choice if you ask me; drytooling in Wales or this .....

"We're planning to leave on May 1 and return some time in October. Starting point will be Poland and from there we're planning to go to: Slovakia - Hungaria - Romania - Ukraine - Russia - Kazachstan - Uzbekistan - Tadjikistan - Kyrgyzstan - Kazachstan - Russia - Mongolia - Russia - Estonia - Latvia - Lithunia - Poland - Germany. Looks like a nice little round trip on the world map - about 25.000km :)

From what I have heard so far the roads in Kazachstan, the other Stans and Mongolia are rather dirt tracks than roads. So it'll be an interesting experiment with Martin not having ridden a motorbike for the last ten years and me having no offroad experience."

I have seen a tiny bit of Azerbaijan (Baku) and wouldn't drive there in anything smaller than a tank!! So I think all of that axe climbing will be good training for hanging on to those handlebars. Have fun.

search my blog for Martin or Baku if you want.

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