12 February 2009


As someone who has only visited Western Europe and North America Romania is, as one Romanian described it “untidy”.

To get here we decided, last minute, to drive from Switzerland via Germany, Austria and Hungary the route taking us on good roads all of the way. Hungary has an excellent motorway running east - west past Budapest, we cruised east along it until reaching the border and Romania's single lane, lorry transporting roads. From then on the journey got interesting, actually just a hastle to begin with, as we arrived at the border in the middle of the night and had to contend with fog and lorrys on the windy road. I say we but Matt drove all of the way out – good effort!

After passing new industrial units and ruined factories from a past era driving conditions improved a bit with the arrival of daylight but then it became apparent that lots of people die on the Romanian roads probably mainly due to the very brave overtaking manouvers. We also started to see villages spaced along the road every couple of miles, small concrete block houses planted close together, maybe from mediaeval roots or a much more recent creation? what ever their origins the villages didn't seem to house many cars or young people.

Eventually we did arrive at Busteni and received a totally helpful reception despite me lumbering the BMC and therefore Club Alpine Romania with my late entry application then registering and booking a room for Malc and Lukasz who were snowed in to the UK! Everyone has been friendly and worked hard to run the event for their guests even if the comp timetable evolved at its own relaxed rate!

Good fireworks that were improved by being fired from very close to the crowd. The sweet bar-b-qued doughnut tube things.
A quick guided tour of Brasov including the old town, climbing gear shops and Pti's climbing wall (in an old rocket factory) where he is getting strong for bouldering and the ice comps. Thanks Pti.

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