23 February 2008

World Cup - Saas Fee

Stand up and be counted. Good effort to the lads and lady from the UK who put their necks on the line and competed in the comp.

Unfortunately in the UK we don't really have any mountains or ice but we do have a great tradition of climbing and, as has been proved before, will be able to compete at World class tooling competitions. This time with a newly formed team the potential wasn't reached but it was a big step in the right direction. So to all of you crazy people who insist on using tools in the green and pleasant land; keep up the good work and next year this could be you............(and I'll be there to take the photos again!)
Fiona, sorry I didn't get any photos of you.

The comp is held at the centre of a spiral ramp in a multi-story car park! A spectator friendly and very atmospheric venue.

Stevie on the big moves

Deserved a better result

Malcolm on the steep learning curve of an international competition

Andy "the Ben it isn't!!"

have a good look round when you park next, you never know what you might see!!

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