12 February 2008


Triop Capoeira comp boots: probably the worst looking boots you can find!! but they work very well. I have had the good luck to get hold of a pair of Triop's just as my Lowa's have given out (the rubber round the toe box has shrunk!!!) thanks Paul for bringing them out to me.

For pure Drytooling and steep Mixed the Triop's are better than the Lowa's in many ways; lighter, stiffer and the front crampon and (therefore monopoint) is at a steeper angle so easier to use on overhanging routes. I have also made a few modifications to the Raveltik crampon 1) loose the funny hook on the heel, whats that all about??? and I have also cut off the 2 studs nearest the back of the boot to make rockovers easier. 2) cut off the downwards facing spikes under the midsole so that back raking is easier.

Out of the box the ankle is as stiff as a board but it does soften up with use (why is it there at all though? a comp shoe would be even lighter)

The best thing about these boots is the price: between a HALF and a THIRD of what you would expect to pay for any other comp boot.

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