16 February 2008


A route in the Cineplex. FA: Will Gadd 2001

Did I tick it?

photo Malcolm Kent

The Stats

  • 2 weeks 'work' !!
  • 1 hour drive each way (not too bad when it's along the Icefields Parkway)

  • 1/4 tank of gas each way! (unless you are ploughing deep snow and need an emergency refill at the Saskatchewan Crossing ranger station)

The last few days

  • wed: found my sequence near the top of the route was unreliable
  • thur (last day): new sequence and got to within a couple of draws of the ice curtain
  • fri: persuaded Malc to go back to the 'Plex' and didn't finish Musashi
  • sat: dropped Malc at the airport and writing this in Calgary as I wait for my later flight. So this is the end of my first visit to Canada and I feel it has been a 'mixed' trip; two weeks is a long time to spend at one venue but at least I reached the last rock hold on Musashi before whimpering the words "I can't, I'm pumped"

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