11 February 2008

no news is good news

thanks for the top photos Danny. But, are you taking the piss?? One of your photos shows you have lit a fire in a cave .... in India!!!!! for the last fortnight I have been hanging out in caves with only a couple of teabag handwarmers for comfort. Also, I see you have been practicing the art of airbrushing muscles on to climbers.

During this section of the trip my climbing progress has been slow (which wont surprise anyone who's watched me climb) We started here in Canada at Hafner where after a few days effort Neolithic was ticked. Following that we wanted to try something a bit harder so we chose a classic which, according to the guide, was only a grade or so harder than Neo. And thats what I am doing now; still trying!! This protracted effort accounts for the lack of posts showing any climbing, although we did head up to Slaughterhouse one day but it was another -25er so we went and did some drytooling indoors at the Vision climbing gym in Canmore!!

I have also realised that Bez, Andre, Paul and Nigel have been here for the last 10 days and we have not seen any shots of them (and now they have left for the UK) Chaps, Please email me some photos for this space [....]

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