22 January 2010

Small margins

It would be nice not so have to hunt for positives to take away from the Saas Fee competition but I'm used to it now after competing in 5 World Cup comps over 2 seasons and never making the final 8.

Today I tied with 3 others in 10th place (9 qualified from my group to go to the semi) the clip that would have got me through was clipped a couple of seconds after my 6 minutes climbing time was up. I feel it was my best climbing performance of the World Cup but clearly I need to be significantly faster/stronger? to avoid the possibility of failing by small margins.

The UIAA World Cup series has 4 rounds this year. 70 men and 25 women from 21 countries took part in the Saas Fee event. The top three climbers (Steve Johnstone, Malcolm Kent and me) from the Ice Factor (Scottish Tooling Series) competed at Saas, I'll let you check their blogs for a different take on this comp (links on left).

now..... how to get back on the real routes asap.....

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