21 January 2010

4 x 4

Shortly after taking this photo I wanted to take some other shots so followed Mac's Opal Astra tracks from the previous day in to the Gasterntal. After rounding off two corners of my Land Rover I learned that a different driving style is required for a heavy 4x4, using torque and grip is much better than momentum.

To the Saas Fee competition next.

Kandersteg strikes again......
the M10 section! of an M10 at a new area (not really Kandersteg)
Michael M9 *** 1st rp (Uschinen)
Good but unsuccessful climbing on M7+ pitch of M8+ to right of Obsession (Kiental)
Necrophilice Wi 6- (Gasterntal)
Klara Winter M8 flash/done before? Matador M11 1st rp (did start last year). Powerbat M9/10 popped off after Manu Cordova on sighted the route (Uschinen)

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