16 March 2008

Bacon saved by Danish

Excellent photo in the previous post, thanks Dave and Duncan.

Over the last week we have managed to climb most days despite the changeable weather. I had forgotten how quickly conditions change here in Fontainebleau compared to tooling where climbing can be done pretty much despite the weather. I have been taking it fairly easy so I don't ruin my delicate fingers but have found that i can still boulder at about the same grade as when i swapped bouldering for toooling 9 months ago (a very average grade! compared to what i have tooled). Bouldering is a good crack but I slightly miss the Russian roulette of figure fouring across a roof on bouncy pick bending pockets !!!!!??? (finding that the tarpaulin covering the campsite has blown away just doesn't have the same thrill)

Opening Dave's van using a life saving length of wire provided by some travelling Danish cimbers. (photo: Sven)

Danny surviving the Carnage (photo: Sven)

Dave on Gravillon (photo: Danny)

Two different problems at Petit Bois.
Two different grades: 6b & 7c.
Similar difficulty depending on your talents???

Me at Roche aux Sabots

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