22 March 2008

Back to reality?

I have booked a ferry back to the UK. I have decided to travel early easter monday partly as it is cheaper and partly to avoid any traffic. These are not the sort of decisions i have become used to making in the last three months and I'm not sure I like the prospect of more of the same. I am interested to find out what it will be like going back to work; will i remember what to do? How do i climb more?

Font has been a grin but it has made me realise that bouldering is mainly about the physical side of climbing. Of course there are some of the best moves in the world to be found in the Forest and great people too, but getting gripped and sketching about [with a rope on] and the feeling of big air over your shoulder is not replicated by your average highball boulder problem.

For me this trip has been full of new experiences and minor adventures.
I owe you one for inviting me (and going back one more time for Musashi).
You will boulder 8a soon if you carry on climbing like you have been this last couple of weeks.

A photo never lies......

This photo was taken by Lohann, my 1 year old nephew! Admittedly he was poking his fingers at the shiny button and tried to lick the lens afterwards but it shows that taking photos is easy. And here is what he thinks of my efforts...............

put the lens cap back on!!!

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