13 January 2008

Ouray 2008

It was the comp finals yesterday and this year there is another new champion. Between climbs we were watching the last few qualifiers climb; Jeff Mercier made a huge effort to top out with 1 of his 20 minutes remaining then Ines Papert cruised up to the final move with bags of time to spare but then couldn't make the move despite about 5 attempts at a dyno from a fig4. Then came Evgeny Kryvosheytsev who flew up the route locking deep moves on the rock section to miss out holds every one else used. He had it in the bag for sure until his tool blew from a plastic hold on the 45 degree finishing board. Jeff Mercier wins........next week he will be on Jedi Mind Tricks when we are there.........come on arms.

Jeff Mercier giving it all and hooking the top of the steep finishing board (Dan Alonso)

Evgeny K on the qualifying route.

Not competition photos.................

A Fistfull of Steel (Dan Alonso)

Another Fistfull of Steel (Dan Alonso)

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