9 January 2008

I love it when a plan comes together

It has been a pretty amazing few days so far, a bit of a grind getting the last few bits of gear together before leaving early sat then two days travel to get to Ouray. And it has been a bit of an adventure of lost bags (for a short time) and lost Malc and Kat (for hours!). When we finally pulled out of the car hire place in an oversize 4x4 (Dodge Durango) it seemed like an overkill, it wasn't, as we were to find out later. First we collected Dan and his gear and this filled the truck then the snow started.

The pkoto is of a single lane with 1 metre high banks of snow, later in the journey it snowed and it was only the banks that showed where the road went. We have also found time to do some climbing........

Dan on The Troglodyte


Me clipsticking past the hard moves.

After the steep climbing I tried some mixed lines where you can use your feet. Shit. I have a lot to learn!!

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