23 January 2008

Air Miles

A phrase that was used at Stephan Koch's lecture in Ouray was "I got my arse handed to me" well that about sums up our week at lake city. We went there to try Jedi Mind Tricks and I thought I would be able to give it a good go. BUT the cold, the altitude, the cold, the walk in, the colds but most of all the route battered me!!! It is (in my limited experience) an amazing line that is best not to look at in one go, I found I could break it in to 4 sections (and another one above the lip which I "forgot" about!). I only climbed the first section and did the moves on 2 and 3. But never felt like I had climbed at my best, not that that would have been good enough anyway. Hopefully I will be back?????

All photos thanks to Daniel Alonso

Turning my back on Jedi.........The fixed ropes from Gods Crag

So now we have run away to Vail and found a small cave and lit a fire

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