8 April 2009

A question of style

I'm not one for making tick lists but over the last couple of months some good looking or challenging lines have caught my attention and i have been making a mental note of them to try and go back to them sometime. But then I arrived in Font and there are so many awesome lines (thanks for pointing them out Paul) that I started to note them down. Now i have a some problems written on a piece of paper as an aide memoir. This is not a tick list.

On that problem again today. The rain held off long enough for me to peel my finger on the crimp on my last (and best ever) attempt. I could not have been closer to climbing it; I felt the good bit of the finishing hold with my right hand before my left slipped. At least i have found a new way to fall off the problem as it is always the right heel that slips.

Good points
- i have re-learned the subtle moves I need to use for the finishing sequence
- i can climb it for sure

Less good points
- i forgot the subtle movements i used last time for the finishing sequence
- i knew as soon as i did the stand i could climb it from a sit
- today is the 4th session working the sit
- two split finger tips now (one split on a sloper?!!)

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