27 March 2009

Free time

It has been a while since i have done a bouldering trip and i'm surprised it's feeling a bit like getting in to a new sport but I'm totally enjoying the lifestyle and feeling good from all the time outdoors and exercise (even finished some projects). It's slightly Paul's fault i'm still here as his van is a good for sitting in and reading guide books and his info on and psyche for quality problems is outstanding. With a bit of rest day enthusiasm today I investigated two areas that were new to me down near Nemours, at one area it felt like i was the first person to visit and the overgrown boulders made it feel a bit more like Magic Wood than Font. At the other venue I might give one inspiring highball a go, maybe even on a top rope first! will see how it goes without first.....

Less fun has been finding why i can't boulder so much (and one of the motivations for climbing with axes) with finger trouble as my skin can't handle long periods of bouldering.

There has been some rain about over the last few days (useful in some ways as i can rest my fingers) but a bit of a shocker as we have been spoiled by about 2 weeks of cool, dry, blue skies.

Looking for boulders to clean

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