20 March 2009

font acclimatisation

Now that i have been in Font for a few days I have started to get in to bouldering mode and check my finger tips every couple of minutes. Yesterdays best problem included a bit of shuffling fingers about on slopers before cutting feet free to swap heel hooks, similar style problem today but if i can do the traverse start i'll be shouting (and have an icy tick). I think the best thing is lunches last a long time and today most of it was spent laying in the sun, it's also good to have people to talk to between attempts on problems. Slightly different to mixed climbing!

Over the last couple of days i have been working on some quality 7's that have been pointed out to me (thanks Paul) but right now I don't feel as strong as when i was here this time last year. This is probably the result of last seasons mixed routes being more physical than this years aesthetic atmospheric routes. It's great getting back in to bouldering and i expect Andre will be also psyched when he gets out here soon. I hope my shoulder will hold up to the strain long enough for me to get home to a physio.

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