23 January 2009

Saas Fee

Well, i can definitely say it was worth coming!!! I'm gutted that I didn't get in to the semi-finals but i did all i could considering the cold that i have. Everything went well, even the 4 hours in isolation before climbing was tolerable but my arms felt spent as soon as i left the ground and, breathless, i didn't top out in the allocated 6 min. I think i would have qualified if i was on my usual form (I was 13th and 9 qualified from my group), but who knows?

My first two ice climbing competitions have been worthwhile and my result in Daone surprised me. But I suppose that as I'm currently unemployed it almost makes me a full time climber. I'd better enjoy it while it lasts! I did most of my climbing outdoors prior to this trip (whilst working) and didn't really train indoors (last season I was in the gym and campussing a couple of times a week) maybe I'll be better prepared for next seasons comps ........ ?

I've got too much time for this blog really - should be climbing (or at least watching climbing).

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