18 December 2008

A good week

Mixed Emotions
The new line I posted about earlier was totally finished and ready to practice..........top rope of course!!! It would be possible to climb ground up but I wasn't ever volunteering for that. The line goes through the widest, longest part of the Pleasure Dome through 25m of chalk and then 5m of even looser chalk, overhanging for the full length but steepest at the bottom.

After a tide affected day drilling holds then a couple of top rope attempts that were stopped by a move I couldn't do it was my last go of the weekend .......... A jump start to begin with then through the big moves on the bottom half of the route. Earlier I had found a way to do the 'impossible' move; mantle the axe, after that I found myself puffing and chopping my way to the grassy mantle through some kind of chalk rubble that I hadn't bothered to practice (my deepest respect to anyone leading through this kind of territory on Warthogs). All in all a good line that might last a month or two.

(ph Richard Handy)

Abbing in to place the top rope on Mixed Emotions (tense moments indeed)

(ph Paul Bezencon)

Me by the last piece of protection

Bez on Mixed Emotions

Toby chalk bouldering at Telscombe


Toby & Richard

Matt getting ready for the Ice

After being sentenced to nightshifts in Warrington I thought my climbing would be put on hold but, thanks to Dave and Sari, I went on some brilliant routes at Liverpool's Awsome wall and The Foundry............maybe I should do some sport climbing sometime............??

As a good end to a surprisingly good week climbing; I found half a packet of custard creams in the bottom of my rucksack just when i was thinking how hungry I was.

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