29 July 2012

Oh, now I understand.............

As I’m writing this it is proving awkward to hold the pen and I hope that the poisonous bite doesn’t kill me. A melodramatic sentence but in some ways I thought it would be quite a funny way to go and if you’re reading this I obviously survived at least long enough to type up my scribbles.

After injuring, I guess, the nerves in my left hand my climbing took another set back when Pete pointed out the adder.  A massive snake no less than about 300mm long and as thick as a man’s arm’s finger it was coiled by the side of the road at l’elephant.  I’d watched Steve Irwin on TV and knew exactly what to do so I grabbed a stick to pin the innocuous vipers head to the ground as I tried to corner the adder it tried to slither in to the bushes a few times and made no aggressive moves so I pinned it down as planned, once trapped I reached down and pinched it by the neck with my thumb and forefinger then lifted it off the ground.
Wow! I thought “look how flexible its, it can turn it’s head right round”.
Caroline helpfully pointed out “What ever possessed you?”
I only wanted a closer look but nature has a cure for that kind of thinking.

It was painful

To this day I can't see why that venomous viper undertook a completely unprovoked attack after I picked it up.

Welcome back home.  A massive crop of blackberries

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