18 October 2010

Some Summer Shots

Adrian Baxter on Iron Man 8c the morning after
his impressive last red point attempt success.
An early start was needed to get this photo as
Adrian was leaving and the crag is shaded later, it
was just a case of attaching a rope to the
easiest bolts then some intense speed jumaring.

Helena Coates on Coco Loco 7a+

Nicolas Durand

Ella and Ramon Marin with the 7c of cakes

My favorite climbing.  1 climber 5 viewers.

Ramon on Egocentrismo 7c after the successful
redpoint after the successful 7c cake

Lots of nature in Devon.
Cows might be Heifers, Bulls, Bullocks or Calfs.
And they can easily out run me.

Nic Dill on the good Cry of Love E3 5c at Maer



  1. We want more pics of Devon!

  2. been holding rock rather than a camera!!!!