16 July 2010

Cross Training

So this is it ...... I have bitten the bullet and hired a personal trainer.  After years of messing about climbing I have decided to take it really seriously.  Following on from this winters holidays I wanted to get in good shape for climbing rock during the good summer conditions.  So after much deliberation I decided to sell my car, scrape together my remaining funds and move to the hub of UK climbing: Devon.  I have invested my last savings to attend the Kirby fitness and well being spa in the certain knowledge that the guru in charge of this establishment will make me climb harder.


Taking Ian's sound advice I have been doing huge amounts of cross training, not your standard running or weights, oh no. This is much better. Scrubbing tiles, digging drainage, lifting slate floor slabs etc. Ian has told me that to convert the finger power that I have developed during the winter by holding on to axes in to much more useful shoulder stamina for the North Devon slab routes I need to keep busy renovating the farm. Not that I have had much time or energy to get on many routes after all that cross training.

Ian and I moved the three hundred kg slate tabletop from it's brick base by hand but when 4 of us couldn't carry it from the old dairy he was finally persuaded to get some mechanical assistance.

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