13 April 2010

no ice - nice

Classic Swanage. What a treat to relax in the sun and belay, no drips of water and no fear of falling ice (still prudent to belay below an overhang though!)

Later... on some E3 I was trying to find holds that felt like big juggy axe handles then I accidently found myself comitted above some small RP type gear. The rock had turned a bit nasty and I could only see these shattered flakes split by thin cracks and no jugs in sight. The real pisser of the situation was that the ab rope was now within reach!! I had already watched as my hand briefly held the rope, surprised by the almost involountry movement I snatched my hand away and re-examined the route ahead. Then the gear. A few nanoseconds later I was tying a prussic one handed.

I must either get some self control or keep the ab rope well away!!

Classic Swanage 2

Ramon Marin nice and steady on the start of one of those cool E1's by Gypsy at the Ruckle.......
Strongbow; I have done this route before apparently! (with Neil Adams in 07)

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