2 March 2010

Game Over (let the work begin)

So the trip to Canada was very good and the routes we climbed were full on commitments, many had long approaches, a few we started and finished in the dark and others strayed towards unknown limits. It seems that many of the big mixed lines need lots of other skills apart from just climbing with ice tools. A huge respect to all of the guys who went out there years ago and created all of those great routes. People who made sure that they were in the right place at the right time as climbing standards rose and Canmore started to reinvent itself after closure of the mines. Now all that is needed is another wave of development as there are lots of plumb lines waiting to be ticked, not many near the road! but some great BIG fat adventures for sure.

My favorite lines were:
The real big drip M7+
Good solid leads from Ramon and I even if it wasn't all climbed onsight. A great line.
Oo la la M8
Going for it (I would have pulled Suffer Machine apart if I'd have climbed like I did on Oo)
Fire Roasted JC’s Rig M10
For some reason I was pissed that I never climbed this route 2 years ago when Malcolm Kent and I were at Haffner Creek.
Still not climbed by me in one go! I had two days at the Cineplex this trip and got near to the finish of Musashi on my first attempt that I didn't fall off (ok, my second go!). But for some reason I had no real motivation to have another attempt at finishing this route, I guess I had proved I could climb the route to myself (again) but I wish I stuck with it and actually got up it. Never going on that route again.

Photo Kristoffer Szilas

Photo Ramon Marin

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