4 February 2010

It has begun....

From Calgary....

....to Canmore (well 'Stanley Headwall parking' really but it just doesn't sound the same) (Ramon Marin)

I have been here in Canada for a few days and spent a couple of days in Calgary then two days swinging the axes. Sort of warming up really but todays route was good value: Nemesis on the Stanley Headwall, apparently in Wi5 condition. Ramon and I climbed it in 2 and a bit pitches and avoided the easiest (non) line to ensure a genuine Wi6 tick (not planned this way though!)

Me skinning in to the base of Nemesis and unfortunately the approach is much steeper than it looks in this photo (Ramon Marin again, no way was I dragging my SLR up there this time)

(Ramon Marin)

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