12 August 2005

Outdoor Equipment Sales Increasing

As Danny is now on his Grand Tour, you might take the time to check the photo posted on 26 april 05 (a minimalist approach...) Since that photo was taken, danny has well and truly joined the fashion conscious Gore Tex brigade...... Mtn hardwear tent, Rab down jacket and a different thermarest for every eventuality (one of them is better for edging rather than smearing, or something?) Whatever next???? A TITANIUM cook set?...........surely not!!!
So, he will be pushing East through the red wine haze of font and on in to the land of Nazi gold. Those of us lucky enough to spend the weekdays making others rich will be collecting a kitty together. The reason for this expense? ....... to pay a network of europeans to ply danny with Kronenbourg Seize-Cent-Soixante-Quatre and stop him getting strong for Cresciano. Jam it. Jam it. Dodgy. Dodgy.

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  1. News Flash!!!!

    Shaven head youth seen sliding up E1 without the use of the traditional rope. Thank goodness for his ability to crimp on lichen.